Foreman: Howard Lerch

Operator: Bryan Blatt

Operator: Josh Kreiser

East Hanover Township maintains 51.3 miles of Township roads and bridges.  The following summarizes the major activities undertaken by the road crew:

  • Roadway resurfacing
  • Snow plowing and application of anti-skid materials
  • Pothole patching and pavement repair
  • Crack sealing
  • Maintenance of traffic signals
  • Maintenance of bridges
  • Traffic line painting and installation of traffic signs
  • Grading of roadway berms and shoulder areas
  • Roadside mowing
  • Installation and maintenance of storm sewer systems
  • Tree trimming and grass cutting along public right-of-way
  • Park maintenance as required
  • Municipal vehicle and equipment maintenance

The highway employees make every attempt to keep equipment and themselves visible to the traveling public. Please keep everyone safe. If you see work progress, keep in mind to pass safely. Respect and obey any directions given. Like you, we too want to return home to our family at the end of the day.

PennDot State Roads

PennDot owns roads and bridges within the Township and is responsible for the road maintenance. If there is a concern or problem on one of these State Roads, contact the local PennDot Garage at 717-272-6637.

Driveway Permits

If your driveway is attached to a Township road, a Township alley, within the right-of-way, or a new access you will need a permit. Please contact the Township office at (717) 865-3614 for a driveway permit application or click HERE.

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